Friday, 17 July 2009

Welcome To The Jungle

We made SA news!

Supersport, the main sports channel out here, phoned Al Pacino for a comment on our tour, and have written an article on us! BADASS!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Spotted! Man Date...

It's official, spotted having a romantic dinner for two, James Lineham, and Jamie Sims are now a couple. Gossip Girl would like to wish these two all the best in the future. They will now go the cinema together, and no doubt have an awkward moment when they both reach for the popcorn together... And their hands touch...

XOXO gossip girl

Spotted! Man Date

9am. First day's breakfast, Jo'burg. Standard.

The Aqua Massage

Friday, 10 July 2009

A note from Gossip Girl

The tour will not only take its toll on us physically but may disrupt some of our player's long term relationships. In a recent interview with STEPH ( Justin's favourite working class girl) it became apparent that she will seriously miss Mr Shee and the 3 weeks they spend appart will, quote " feel like a lifetime." " my heart aches when I think of my favourite SOS pull with out me, alone on the African savanah or up against big black props; I just wish I was there to serve him his favourite toffee pudding and rub his sore tummy better" 

We know that Justin's a big strong lad that'll bite the bullet ( or eat it) and
do just fine with out his Steph on tour, but after an emotional interview with her questions arise as to whether or not she will get through this difficult period. Only time will tell.
see u at Heathrow, only 2 days now
xoxo tour gossip girl


Lesbians, spotted, tonbridge highstreet. One butch. One fit. Score.